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        - Thursd. Sept. 22nd
        - Friday Sept. 23rd

ESTIMedia 2004
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Final Program

Thursd. Sept. 22nd

(8h30 - 8h40) Opening & Welcome
(8h40 - 9h30) Keynote Talk A
Session chair: Radu Marculescu, Carnegie Mellon Univ., USA

¡°Next Generation of System Architectures for Tele-immersive Environments¡±
Professor Klara Nahrstedt, Department of Computer Science - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

( ESTIMedia2005_keynote1.pdf)
(9h30 - 10h10)


Regular Session 1: Low-power Design of Mobile Terminals
Session chair: Pai Chou, Univ. of California at Irvine, USA

Frame Buffer Compression Using a Limited-Size Code Book for Low-Power Display Systems
H.Shim, Y.Cho and N.Chang, Seoul National Univ., Korea
( ESTIMedia2005_session1_1.pdf)

A Perception-Aware Low-Power Software Audio Decoder for Portable Devices
S.Chakraborty, Y.Wang and W.Huang, National Univ. Singapore
( ESTIMedia2005_session1_2.pdf)
(10h10 - 10h30)  Coffee break
(10h30 - 11h30)


Regular Session 2: Algorithm Adaptation and Security for Low Power Wireless Multimedia
Session chair: Samarjit Chakraborty, National Univ., Singapore

A Data Discarding Framework for Reducing the Energy Consumption of Viterbi Decoder in Decoding Broadcasted Wireless Multi-Resolution JPEG2000 Images
F.Liu, and C.Y.Tsui, Hong Univ. of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
( ESTIMedia2005_session2_1.pdf)

Addressing Computational and Networking Constraints to Enable Video Streaming from Wireless Appliances
Saumya Chandra, Sujit Dey, Univ. of California at San Diego, USA
( ESTIMedia2005_session2_2.pdf)

Energy Analysis of Multimedia Watermarking on Mobile Handheld Devices
A.Kejariwal, S.Gupta, A.Nicolau, N.Dutt, R.Gupta, Univ. of California at Irvine and San Diego, USA
( ESTIMedia2005_session2_3.pdf)
(11h30 - 12h30) Poster and interactive session 1
(12h30 - 14h00)  Lunch
(14h00 - 14h40)  Regular Session 3: Multiprocessor System-on-Chip design
Session chair: Petru Eles, Linkoping Univ., Sweden

A Cache Design for High Performance Embedded Systems
P. Foglia, D. Mangano,Univ. Pisa, Italy

Dynamic Time-Slot Allocation for QoS Enabled Networks on Chip,
T.Marescaux, B.Bricke, P.Debacker, V.Nollet, H.Corporaal, IMEC, Belgium and Univ. Technology Eindhoven, The Netherlands
( ESTIMedia2005_session3_2.pdf)

(14h40 - 15h40)


Regular Session 4: Novel Processor Architecture design and CAD tools
Session chair: Chi-Yin Tsui, Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology

Design Space Exploration of C Programs Using NISC: A Case-Study on DCT algorithm
B.Gorjiara, D.Gajski, Univ. of California at Irvine, USA

Customizing 16-bit FP instructions on a NIOS II processor for FPGA image and media processing
D.Etiemble, S.Bouaziz, L.Lacassagne, Univ. of Paris Sud, France

An Integrated CAD Tool for ASIC Implementation of Multiplierless FIR Filter with CSE optimization
Q-Z. Wu, Y-H Sun, Tsinghua Univ., ChinaRegular
(15h40 - 16h00) Coffee break
(16h00 - 16h50)  Keynote talk B
Session chair: Soonhoi Ha, Seoul National Univ., Korea

¡°Design of Multimillion-Gate Multimedia SoCs: Where do we stand?¡± by Dr. Santanu Dutta, Senior Member of Technical Staff, nVIDIA Corporation
(16h50 - 17h30) Regular Session 5: Compiler and source code transformation techniques
Session chair: Peter Marwedel, Univ. Dortmund, Germany l

Data-Access Optimization of Embedded Systems Through Selective Inlining Transformation
M.J. Absar, P.Marchal, F.Catthoor, STMicroelectronics, Singapore and IMEC, Belgium
( ESTIMedia2005_session5_1.pdf)

Operation Shuffling for Low Energy L0 Cluster Generation on Heterogeneous VLIW Processors
Y.Kobayashi, M.Jayapala, P.Raghavan, F.Catthoor, and M.Imai, Osaka Univ., Japan and IMEC Belgium
( ESTIMedia2005_session5_2.pdf)
(17h30 - 18h30) Poster and interactive session 2 (closing day 1)

Friday Sept. 23rd

(8h30 - 9h50) Regular Session 6: Design Methodologies and case studies
Session chair: Hiroyuki Tomiyama, Nagoya University, Japan

JPEG Encoding on the Intel MXP5800: A Platform-Based Design Case Study
A.Davare, Q.Zhu, J.Moondanos, A.Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Univ. of California at Berkeley and Intel Research, USA

A Component-based Approach for MPSoC SW Design: Experience with OS Customization for H.264 Decoding
O.Layaida, A-E Ozcan,J-B. Stefani, STMicroelectronics, France and INRIA, France
( ESTIMedia2005_session6_2.pdf)

An interface for the design and implementation of dynamic applications on multi-processor architectures
Jeffrey Kang, Tomas Henriksson, and Pieter van der Wolf, Philips Research, The Netherlands
( ESTIMedia2005_session6_3.pdf)

A Data Oriented Approach to the Design of Reconfigurable Stream Decoders
G.Agosta, F.Bruschi, M.Santambrogio, D.Sciuto, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
(9h50 - 10h10)  Coffee break
(10h10 - 10h50)  Regular session 7: Memory management
Session chair: Naehyuck Chang, Seoul National Univ., Korea

Scratchpad Sharing Strategies for Multiprocess Embedded Systems: A First Approach
M.Verma, K.Petzold, L.Wehmeyer, H.Falk, P.Marwedel, Univ. of Dortmund, Germany
( ESTIMedia2005_session7_1.pdf)

Combining Data and Instruction Memory Energy Optimizations for Embedded Applications
T.Vander Aa, F.Catthoor, H.Corporaal and G.Deconick , K.U.Leuven, IMEC, Belgium and Univ. Technology Eindhoven, The Netherlands
( ESTIMedia2005_session7_2.pdf)
(10h50 - 11h30) Session 8: Workload Characterization and Optimization
Session chair: Paul Pop, Linkoping Univ., Sweden

Workload Characterization and Cost-Quality Tradeoffs in MPEG-4 Decoding on Resource-Constrained Devices
Y.Liu, S.Chakraborty, W.T.Ooi, A.Gupta and S.Mohan, National Univ. Singapore
( ESTIMedia2005_session8_1.pdf)

Characterizing and Exploiting Task-Load Variability and Correlation for Energy Management
S.Yaldiz, A.Demir, S.Tasiran, P.Ienne, Y.Leblebicit, Koc Univ. Turkey and EPFL, Switzerland
( ESTIMedia2005_session8_2.pdf)

(11h30 - 12h30) Poster and interactive session 3 and Closing.