This applet can decode MPEG I video stream. You may think that Java is not fast enough to decode MPEG streams in realtime. But the results which this applet shows enable us to predict that it will be possible in very near future. By huge amount of optimizations, 240x170 MPEG stream can be played at the speed of 28 frames on my Pentium II 300 notebook computer. The first version of this applet could only show 7.6 frames per a second on the same computer.

I will first show you the performance of my applet on various environments. And during testing performance of my applet, I realize that JVMs which many company developed show different performances and this applet can be used for evaluating them.

And then I introduce optimization techniques which I have used for this applet. It will include some general rules and good materials for Java performance.

Lastly you can see my Java MPEG Player applets - An enhanced UI VOD, a simple UI VOD and a simple MPEG player versions. An enhanced UI(User Interface) VOD is superset of all ths players. It supports auto-adjusted screen, display a title and subtitle of a movie and a rate control of MPEG streams.


Optimization Techniques

Java MPEG Players

Other Experimental Players


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