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ESTIMedia 2004
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Instructions for Presenters

Each talk is scheduled for a 20-minute slot; this includes a very short Q&A round (one or maximum two questions). Therefore, please allow few (maximum five) minutes for questions and answers. It is important to focus on the essential part of your contribution leaving in-depth discussions to the interactive poster session (see poster session). Time will be strictly enforced by the session chair, so please practice and plan your talk accordingly.
We will provide a computer with an LCD projector for the presentation. We strongly discourage the use of your personal laptop, as this tends to increase the time to set-up between presentations. However, if you choose to run the presentation from your own laptop, we ask that you connect your laptop to the monitor switch and test it thoroughly during the break before your presentation. Please note that only electronic slides will be supported. We will not have an overhead projector for transparencies or 35mm slides.
Powerpoint 2002 and PDF Reader Acroread 6.0 will be available on the conference computers. Please ensure that your presentation is compatible with these versions. However we cannot guarantee the same font-set you used to create your presentation will be available in our laptop. Please try to use only standard fonts, since substitutions can affect slide layout. Otherwise you may want to save your presentation with embedded fonts, to preserve the same fonts that you see in your own computer.
Poster session (VERY IMPORTANT): :
Each paper is automatically included in a poster session. The poster sessions will last for about 1 hour each including 6-8 posters and are meant to offer opportunities for direct interaction among workshop participants. Please prepare posters with a maximum size of 24" (60 cm) width x 36" (90 cm) height. We will provide "tri-fold" boards of 36" (height) by 48" (horizontal). The horizontal dimension is 12" + 24" + 12", and the sides need to be slightly bent for the board to stand on a table.